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How Does BasketSoul Heal Childhood Trauma?

Childhood trauma is devastating, far-reaching, and takes our youth down a path that no one, themselves included, wants to go. For inner-city youth, it can often lead to a life behind bars. Here at BasketSoul, we heal childhood trauma with love–giving it, living it, and teaching self-love to the youth we have the opportunity to help.

We know that the trauma our youth suffer often comes from generational poverty, physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, alcohol and drug abuse by a parent or loved one in the home, violence and crimes that they experience firsthand, abandonment or incarceration by one or both parents, or hunger. Worst of all, it also comes from being ignored and feeling as though they don’t matter.

Imagine for a moment. You are in sixth grade, a time when you are trying to figure out who you are and where you belong. You look for the approval of your friends, and your parents are steady and prepared to show their love and commitment to you.

Next, consider what it would be like to deal with the traumas mentioned above. Just one or two. How hard would that be? Add a couple more. How would that change you? How would you respond?

It’s heartbreaking to think of our youth being faced with situations and problems—traumas—that even adults would have a hard time handling.

Our team and volunteers at BasketSoul want to help our youth heal from these traumas. We want to make sure they discover self-love and learn techniques they can use any time they need them. We present it in a way that is unique and memorable and, we believe, is the key to changing lives.

What is BasketSoul?

BasketSoul is a six-week long, after-school camp for students in third through sixth grade. It is designed around the game of basketball and starts with love.

Everything the students experience comes from the understanding that love and self-love is the basis for all healing. This is the most important energy and will be the key to our success. Everyone recognizes authentic love and responds to it.

The tools we use within the program include:

  • Timeouts give youth a chance to take a break from what they have been dealing with.
  • We talk about offense as developing goals for the game of life.
  • Defense is protecting their home base, goal, and mind, setting boundaries, and choosing how to view negativity.
  • Substitutions is the use of guided exercise to affirm who they are and how to input the good–the positive–so they learn to believe in themselves.
  • Practice uses activities, mentors, and check-ins to foster deeper learning through repetition. Ongoing support contributes to youth success.

What techniques do we use to foster healing?

We implement several different healing modalities that have been tried, tested, and found to work well. They include Zen meditation, breathwork, Reiki energy healing, EFT, yoga, a self-love workbook, and self-building group exercises.

Our staff and volunteers know that working with the youth through BasketSoul provides movement that feeds your soul. We believe it is our soul’s purpose to help others. Is it your purpose, too?

To learn more about these techniques or how you can make a difference in your community through volunteering at BasketSoul, visit our website at or call us at (312) 296-8328.