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Healing Trauma, Building Self Love


BasketSoul is an after-school youth trauma healing camp for students in 3rd – 8th grade, designed around movement and basketball. BasketSoul starts from the energy of love. Everything that comes from our staff comes from the understanding that love and self-love is the basis of all healing. This is the most important energy and will be the key to our success. Everyone recognizes authentic love and responds to it.
BasketSoul takes place after-school at one of our school district partner locations, once per, week for 6 weeks. 

Our Inner-City Crisis

2022 has been like no other year thus far. There was a 30% increase in the number of murders from 2020 to 2021, and another increase of 20% so far this year, in 2022, according to a recent New York Times study and statistics provided by the Center for Disease Control.  Car jackings and crime in general is rising substantially and being perpetrated by people as young as 10 years old. What is being done about this from a local or federal level? How are we to help these kids break from this cycle?

Causes of Crime by Juveniles

Today’s inner-city youth is dealing with many traumas, and each trauma can add up to life behind bars. Traumas include generational poverty, physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, alcohol and drug abuse by a parent or loved one in the home, violence and crimes that they experience firsthand, abandonment or incarcerations by one or both parents, hunger, and, worst of all, they are being ignored. Inner city youth must be able to break free from these traumas, and this is extremely difficult to do when you have the resources, but without the resources, the outlook is bleak.

Our Programs

BasketSoul is a youth (3 – 8th grade) trauma healing camp designed around healing modalities, movement, self-love and basketball. BasketSoul starts from the energy of love.

Healing Modalities

Our program uses healing modalities including breathwork, yoga, Reiki energy, self-love building exercises, meditation, emotional freedom tapping (EFT), and basketball AKA creative movement.


BasketSoul is also here for you to bring out your Souls Purpose. It is our soul’s purpose to help our fellow soul.  This job may be one of the best jobs you will ever have but it depends upon you.


Get in touch with BasketSoul at +1 (312) 296-8328 or fill out the form below.