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About Us

Who We Are

BasketSoul is a youth (3 – 8th Grade) trauma healing camp designed around movement and basketball. BasketSoul starts from the energy of love. Everything that comes from our staff comes from the understanding that love and self-love is the basis of all healing. This is the most important energy and will be the key to our success. Everyone recognizes authentic love and responds to it.

Our program uses healing modalities including breathwork, yoga, Reiki energy, self-love building exercises, meditation, emotional freedom tapping (EFT), and basketball AKA creative movement. These healing modalities are easy, powerful, inexpensive, and effective. 

BasketSoul is also here for you to bring out your soul’s purpose. It is our soul’s purpose to help our fellow souls. This job could be one of the best jobs you will ever have, but it depends upon you. Our success depends upon you and how you approach this once in a lifetime opportunity.

These times we live in are proof that we have become disconnected from ourselves and from unconditional love. With the absolute insanity of mass shootings everywhere, the violent and nonviolent theft of cars, and the massive amounts of drugs and alcohol being consumed, we need an army of warriors that can help lead inner city youth back home to their higher selves.

Are you that warrior? This is a journey that we will travel together. It’s not an easy one, but it is highly rewarding. As much as you teach, you will learn, and within these lessons you will be rewarded. We can only ask ourselves, “Why do I want to this? Why should I want to help all these kids who, through no fault of their own, have been traumatized?” 

Ask yourself, “Can I do this job with more love than I ever knew I had?” Ask yourself, “Am I ready to take this journey with more commitment than I ever knew I had?” We have a big uphill battle in store for each one of us as we unlock ourselves and the kids we will be working with.

Our Philosophy and Why it Works

The system and process for development is comprised of a group of individuals that care and lead with their hearts, people that have experienced trauma and gotten through it, and a team of individuals that lead with love, grace, and understanding.

Book knowledge is good, but experiential knowledge is best. Think about some of the toughest times of your life. What were some of the most effective ways that you were able to get through and who was involved? Majority of the time, it is those who have had a similar background, individuals that have gone through some of the same things that you have and who have gotten through them.

We are not looking to be the parents, but an extension of the parents–people in their corner that have “been there, done that.” Today, it’s about the youth seeing something they can believe intransparency and truth. Being a part of something where they feel like they can relate and belong. Where they feel loved and valued.

Honestly, everyone is always looking for their fix or high. Most kids that commit crimes do so because they are bored or looking for that feeling of acceptance. Let us be that association instead.

Why is association outside of the family and school structure so important? Because most youth look at those as things that they only have to do because the parents want them to. They feel that they are never talked to about their dreams and goals, and even if they are, they don’t have the positive outlet outside of that to thrive and shine. 

Now, let’s discuss Steve Kerr. Steve Kerr has won at some of the highest levels in the NBA. A player for the Bulls, and now a coach of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, Kerr has followed a system of success that allowed him to win nine championships, which is almost unheard of today.

Steve Kerr has been able to implement a winning system because he has been around some of the most successful people in the NBA–Phil Jackson, Greg Popovich, and player Michael Jordan. Even if you don’t know the coaches and their accomplishments, there isn’t anyone in the world that hasn’t heard of Michael Jordan.  

We don’t need the credit but let us be that teammate like Michael Jordan was to Steve Kerr. Let us be the guide with our system of winning. BasketSoul and the tools of transformation will assist in the expression of your child’s higher self in a loving and supportive way, meaning we work with flow and not force. We help deal with issues at the youth’s pace and not our own so that we don’t create resistance.

Our Team



Ricardo Trinidad is a visionary entrepreneur in the telecommunications field with over twenty years of experience. As CEO, he has developed, trained, and supported many talented young people, helping them achieve their highest potential.

To stay current within an ever-changing technology ecosystem, Ricardo has constantly searched for the most relevant solutions and trends for his clients, keeping his telecommunications firm at the top of its game.

Ricardo has been recognized as an entrepreneur, artist, and mentor. As a cancer survivor, Ricardo believes in various healing methods to achieve alignment of the mind, body, and spirit.

His mission to awaken the youth–to help them set and work toward big dreams–stems from his upbringing and beating the odds to achieve success. He sees potential in the future of every young person who is willing to work hard and achieve their highest potential.