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Our Programs

BasketSoul is an after-school youth trauma healing camp for students in 3rd – 8th grade, designed around movement and basketball. BasketSoul starts from the energy of love. Everything that comes from our staff comes from the understanding that love and self-love is the basis of all healing. This is the most important energy and will be the key to our success. Everyone recognizes authentic love and responds to it.
BasketSoul takes place after-school at one of our school district partner locations, once per, week for 6 weeks. 

The BasketSoul Tools for Transformation

Our system consists of five components that can be used in any sport, and most importantly the game of life.


Allows us to help the youth to take a break from everything they have been dealing with mentally by regulating their minds through drills that have been scientifically tested to be effective.


We help them build goals for on the court and off the court. 


Protecting your court, home base, or goal is just as important as protecting your mind. We help them to get through the tough times, looking at negativity the right way and setting up boundaries that allow them to thrive after the sport.


Through guided exercises, we give them the skills to affirm who they truly are vs what the world says they should be. Helping them input the good vs the bad, the positive vs the negative. Building them up one drill at a time to believe in themselves and demonstrate self-worth and self confidence in appropriate ways.


Through in person and away from camp activities, mentor calls, and check-in’s, we help to facilitate a culture of deeper learning through practices of repetition.  Ongoing support and practice is what solidifies their learning, helps them succeed at a higher rate, and allows them to be accountable for their growth.

Our Healing Modalities

The healing modalities BasketSoul will be implementing besides the creative movement of basketball are Zen meditation, breathwork, Reike energy healing, EFT, yoga, a self-love work book, and self-building group exercises.

Benefits of Zen Meditation

Phil Jackson, the legendary coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, has 11 Championship Rings as a coach and has implemented Zen meditation into his life and into his teams.

Zen meditation is about quieting the mind and letting go of the past and the future. Meditation offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Emotional health
  • Stress relief
  • Increased patience and tolerance
  • Reduced negative emotions
  • Reduced fight or flight response
  • Social benefits
  • Increased self-awareness

Learning meditation is as easy as focusing on your breath. The benefits can be experienced in doing as little as five minutes per day, but with longer sessions and more frequency, the benefits are greater.

Benefits of Breathwork

Breathwork is a powerful way of flooding the body with oxygen and has been around for thousands of years with its roots in yoga. Each BasketSoul class starts with breathwork in order to bring immediate focus and release stress. Holotropic breath is a continual breath that fills the stomach and then lungs. This breathwork is fun and the effects are immediate, helping to focus the mind and relieve stress allowing the student to be more easily guided through the class.

Other major benefits are:

  • Reduced feeling of PTSD and trauma
  • Release of stress hormones
  • Fewer feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Improved mental focus
  • Improved outlook on life

More joy and happiness

Benefits of Reike Energy

What does John Hopkins Hospital, Mayo Clinic, Northwestern University, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard University, Yale New Haven Hospital, and New York University Hospitals all have in common? They all offer Reiki treatment. Reike energy was first discovered by in the early 1900 by Mikao Usui. Reiki is an energy that is learned through attunement and its benefits include:

  • Balances body, mind, and spirit
  • Relief of depression and anxiety
  • Improves focus
  • Enhances learning
  • Reduces mood swings, including fear, anger, and pain.

Benefits of Emotional Freedom Tapping

Emotional Freedom Tapping or EFT is an easy and effective way to clear negative emotions quickly and easily. EFT has been around since the 70s and has been used to heal veterans with PTSD. This method uses acupressure points along with verbal affirmations to clear out anxiety, stress, PTSD, and other negative emotions.

A round of tapping can last 5 to 20 minutes for stubborn emotions. Typically, we ask on a scale of 1-10 how painful is this emotion? After each round of tapping, we ask how much the emotional pain is left. Usually, after 2-3 rounds of tapping, the emotional pain goes away very significantly, leaving the person in a much calmer state of mind. Anyone can learn EFT as it is simple and requires little training.

Benefits of Self Love

Self-love is something everyone can use more of, but especially those of us who are alone. Nobody teaches self-love in school, and they didn’t in my public education experience. Self-love is the most important love, and BodySoul will provide self-love workbooks that teach us about ourself and how wonderful we all truly are. Everything about BasketSoul will be driven from the energy of love. The people that work with BasketSoul will be centered in self-love so that every child will feel love and learn about self-love.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga can support the healing process and help the person experience symptoms with more centeredness and less distress.
  • Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility
  • Yoga helps with back pain relief
  • Yoga can ease arthritis symptoms
  • Yoga benefits heart health
  • Yoga relaxes you, to help you sleep better